Since its launch, the Apple iPad has been one of the most desired gadgets on the market. And for good reason. I mean could you ask for more from a compact handheld device? It’s a full fledged computer that is actually easy to carry around unlike most laptops while retaining most of their features. Web access, video player, mp3 player, eBook reader and so much more in one compact and lightweight casing, all easily controllable via the hyper responsive touch screen.

It is certainly one of the must have gadgets out there ipad trade in value but, unfortunately, the price makes it inaccessible to many of the people who would want one. If you too want your own iPad yet can’t afford to buy it don’t despair because I will teach you how to get one for free and all you will have to do is test software on it.

You see, the iPad has set in motion a chain reaction when it was launched and now hundreds of companies are trying to profit on the backend from Apple’s product by developing software programs for it.

These companies buy iPads in bulk for testing reasons and since it’s not easy to sell hundreds and hundreds of iPads once you’re done with the tests they just let the testers keep them instead of giving them cash. I think it’s a pretty good deal considering all you will have to do is go about your business for a week and use the iPad only when you actually need it, just like any normal user would.

After a week all you will have to do is provide the company with honest feedback and write a short review. However, you should hurry and check it out as spots are limited.